Just Released “Wild Bill Rides Again” by our Friend and Author, JIM ANTONINI – Review by Andy Tuck
Wild Bill Rides Again, Author Jim Antonini


the king at gene's beer garden

Just finished tearing through the new novel, “Wild Bill Rides Again” by Jim Antonini. Quite literally a page-turner, this is a story I immediately got into, identified with, and did not want it to end. But like all great books, when it does end, it leaves the reader satisfied, yet wanting more. Like a perfect serving of delicious food, just right.

As with his other 2 books, the characters are very real and relatable, the plot develops and proceeds quickly and expertly, and the emotions hit hard across the spectrum, from laugh out loud, to breathless suspense, to holding back tears, to wistful smiles.

The writing is tight & lively, with vivid  descriptions and several brilliant twists & turns that you never see coming and keep you tuned in throughout this wild & crazy trip across the USA. The author clearly speaks with authority here, showing us the knowledge & experience of a well-traveled road warrior storyteller. “Buy the ticket (book) & take the ride!” – Andy Tuck



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